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Empires Guard
Empires Guard

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PostSubject: App.   Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:21 am

1. How Old Are you

- 20

2. Will you use vent? Raids/pvp/seiges are mandatory for vent. But other then that we want you on vent to socialize with our crew, get to know us and us get to know you.

- Yes of Course. Vent i believe is always a must. + I am very social once you get to know me more I get my freak on Smile jk.

3. What retail servers and private servers have you played on? What names did you use on your mains on those servers?

- None. Didnt play on any private servers. But played the old SL2. and my char on SL2 name is 6pack

4. Where are you from?

- Vietnam. Born and raised. but currently I am living in California

5. How good is your english, spoken, hearing it, and writing it?

- I think you can judge how well my English is on this App. Speaking and Hearing is all part of it.

6. Why do you want to join empires to begin with?

- Well, I quit sl2 way before. but because of certain plans that didnt follow through im gonna be back playing. Empires sounds like a good clan, i have friends in EU (many). Plus i love the PVP!

7. Do you know anyone in empires? How do you Know them and How long have you known them?

- Yes. to name them. SpicyHot, Rinne, sZa, Delirieum <- not sure if i spelled it rite. Kaidon. Spartan <- dont think he remember me.

8. How do you feel about going red? How do you feel about pvp in general?

- If needed going red is always fun in games, and its not a problem. PvP is THE **** BEST!

9. If you join a clan with many clan wars, is that a problem?

- Nope. i love the wars best way to release anger lol. No Mercy on Clan Wars

10. WHat clans/ALlys have you been in?

- Well I havent been playing for awhile. but back in the days on Nanaki it was with LionHeart.

11. What Gear do you have for A/S grade?

- Tallum Set. Dark Crystal Robe Set. Majestic Light and Heavy. Not Sure on the Weapons. but +11 Kesh Kesh. +9 CON. not sure wat else

12. Tell us about your char, is it noblessed? subbed? WHat LVL is it, what class are you and list any subs, Do you have any alts and is it in any other clan/ally?

- Titan 79+. DoomCryer 80. Sws 60+. last Class after Sws is HE. no Nobles but i know what and where i have 2 go.

13. How big is your cock? and Is sex with your ally mates out of the question? Gay sex?

- I am Vietnamese so use ur Imagination. Nooo sex is always a must. Gay sex if needed maybe depends on the size haha...
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Empires Divine
Empires Divine

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PostSubject: Re: App.   Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:48 am

sry recruitment is closed atm plz try back some other time

o and max lvl on here is 78 not 80

im so bored

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Empires Divine
Empires Divine

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PostSubject: Re: App.   Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:28 pm

Hes Vietnamese and from california...i like the guy already

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PostSubject: Re: App.   

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