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 Spoil4REGGE Application

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Empires Exarch
Empires Exarch

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PostSubject: Spoil4REGGE Application   Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:38 pm

aplication from BooM member

1. Im 24 years old

2.Yes... i dont have problems with using vent.

3.Ive played L2 signs, L2Forever,and here in Supreme

4.Im from Bulgaria

5.I think my english is pretty good....

6.I wanna join cose i whant to pvp/siege/RB...and i know EU will not disapear like otrher allys....

7.I know most of ppl alanon,Benster,Keaton,slayerduck...whyalwaysme

8.Np for going red in pvp

9.I like wars need to pk nobody when have many wars...thats cool

10.Dynamite/Boom ally than The Core...but as you mayby know clan is gone now.

11.I have MJ L set /Tallum H set/SB/Draco Focus/DLE+3/TTS set/MJ jewel set/Dual kash+4

12.Spoil4REGGE BH/Paladin/BD/PR

13.I dun liek ghay zex... lol!

Ps.My clan leader DrakeClawJR say to do aply like private mesage thats why i do it like that ..sry if isnt right way ..peace and GL Very Happy
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Empires Divine
Empires Divine

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PostSubject: Re: Spoil4REGGE Application   Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:52 pm

I've known him from Forever... Great guy and a great player... I think he will be a great adition to our ally.

The gear is also nice and the classes too.

P.S. He has noblesse too, although it's not said in the application.

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Spoil4REGGE Application
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