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PostSubject: APP   Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:10 am

1. How Old Are you


2. Will you use vent? Raids/pvp/seiges are mandatory for vent. But other then that we want you on vent to socialize with our crew, get to know us and us get to know you.

sure i love to talk and sing when im drunk in vent Very Happy

3. What retail servers and private servers have you played on? What names did you use on your mains on those servers?

played in some pvp servers i think theres no need to tell wich ones

4. Where are you from?


5. How good is your english, spoken, hearing it, and writing it?

fine imo Razz

6. Why do you want to join empires to begin with?

well to be honest i like u guys, i see u pvp/pk a lot and i love it Very Happy

7. Do you know anyone in empires? How do you Know them and How long have you known them?

yeah i have been in pt whit some of u guys already and i know some players from secrecy

8. How do you feel about going red? How do you feel about pvp in general?

i love to be red.. pvp? pk? mass pk? mass pvp? pm me Very Happy

9. If you join a clan with many clan wars, is that a problem?

thats one of the reasons why i want to join it Razz

10. WHat clans/ALlys have you been in?

most of the time in dragons/imperial alliance

11. What Gear do you have for A/S grade?

well none S atm but im full A grade at all subclasses

12. Tell us about your char, is it noblessed? subbed? WHat LVL is it, what class are you and list any subs, Do you have any alts and is it in any other clan/ally?

my main SD 77(whit 78 skills)/ HE 5% to lvl 76 Razz/ Titan 77/TH 66 im nobless

13. How big is your cock? and Is sex with your ally mates out of the question? Gay sex?

i love sex sex sex bring them all Very Happy

btw im an active player but atm im going 1 week on vacations
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PostSubject: Re: APP   Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:43 am

He is a nice guy he have been played another rpg games with me since last years.

I invited him to Surpremel2/Azurel2 and now i told him to apply here.

+1 for you Apocalipse
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